Presentation of course for the Women’s Clásica San Sebastián 2021

recorrido clasica women

This year’s course will be slightly different from that used in 2019.

The course for the Women’s Clásica San Sebastián 2021 was officially announced today, with Julián Eraso revealing that changes have been made. The main difference from the previous edition is that the riders will pass through Murgil only once. The conditions on the road from Igeldo down to Orio prevent the race from taking this route, so for the sake of safety, it has been decided to modify the first part of the course to make the race longer and tougher.

The race will still feature 4 categorized climbs, with Aia (category 3) and Gurutze (category 3) as new additions this year. Jaizkibel (category 2) is maintained, and the steep slopes up to Murgil (category 2) will mark the last stretch before the finish line.

This year’s race will include 2 intermediate sprints in Hondarribia and on the first pass through the finish line on the Boulevard in San Sebastián.

The course is 12 km longer than the previous edition but very similar in terms of toughness. A great show is guaranteed.